Australia’s Top 10 Favourite Allen’s Lollies

Published: 10th January 2012
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Loved for their great tastes and prize winning television advertisements (who wouldn't want to be in the street when a shower of Allen's Lollies is thrown to the masses, even if it is by a giant doll?) Allen's Lollies is undoubtedly Australia's favourite brand of lollies. A cherished part of Australian culture, Allen's Lollies provide consumers of all generations with a link back to their childhood. For some it is the memories of eating them on long car trips or at the cinema, whilst others fondly recall or even now attempt to see who can tear the wrappers into the longest piece of continuous strip. For many Allen's Lollies were their first ever purchase. So it is not surprising it is a brand that stirs strong loyalties that are passed down from generation to generation.

Manufactured in Australia, Allen's are a division of Nestle, who acquired the brand in 1985. Currently they produce a wide range of chocolates and lollies, many of which are advertised as being 99% fat free.

Get a group of Aussies together and introduce the topic of Allen's Lollies and the chances are it will inspire passionate debate. Not least about which one is the most popular. Below is my attempt to outline Australia's Top 10 Favourite Allen's Lollies. It is not an official list by any stretch of the imagination but is one that is based on my experience of sales as well as conversations with lolly lovers and the result of a recent Facebook poll we ran.

10. Jelly Beans

Although they may have enjoyed greater popularity before Jelly Bellys came along, regular Jelly Beans still have a loyal following. Although noone can quite pinpoint their origin it is generally believed that Jelly Beans first surfaced in around 1861 when Boston confectioner William Schrafft encouraged customers to send his jelly beans to soldiers during the American Civil War. The first recorded mention of Jelly Beans in print was on July 5, 1905 in the Chicago Daily News. In the 1930s, in the United States, historian believe that they were given out as Easter gifts from the 1930s. They have long since been popular in Australia from their bright colours and refreshing taste.

9. Snakes

Colourful, juicy and packed full of flavour Allen's Snakes are a consistently popular lolly amongst all ages. Available in a regular size or as a larger 'python' there is a definite split between those who eat them 'heads first' or 'tails up'. There is also a clear trend of eating the red one first.

8. Milko Chews

One of Australia's all time Aussie classic lollies, Allen's Milko Chews have been in production ever since your grandparents were in school. A slightly soft, chewy and distinctly milky flavoured lolly they possess a sweet and fresh taste that has stood the test of time. Neatly packaged in bright blue and red wrappers they are the perfect confection to take with you on a long journey.

7. Racing Cars

Undoubtedly one of the most colourful and adorable lollies in their portfolio Allen's Racing Cars are soft, chewy, racing car shaped lollies that are bursting with flavour. A popular seller, Allen's Racing Cars come in four signature colours - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. They are particularly popular as the final decorative touch for baked goods like cakes and biscuits.

6. Sherbies

Quiz any relative over the age of fifty as to what their favourite lollies were in their salad days and the chances are Allen's Sherbies would be near the top of their selection. An orange coloured chewy toffee confection that contains a delightful fizzy sherbet centre Allen's Sherbies are the kind of lolly that really makes your mouth water. They are also a truly unrestrictive lolly in the sense that they are not only suitable for those with gluten and nut intolerances, but also for vegans as well.

5. Red Frogs

Arguably the most flavoursome lolly in their entire range Allen's Red Frogs possess a delicious chewy texture and raspberry flavour that sends most people's taste buds into transports of delight. Widely popular for children's parties where they are often immortalised in jelly as 'frogs in a pond' and also distributed on mass during schoolies week at the Gold Coast in an attempt to raise awareness of the chaplaincy network of support that is available to them Allen's Red Frogs have a feel good factor that supersedes almost every other lolly.

4. Strawberry & Cream

It might be all the rage during Wimbledon but Allen's Strawberry & Creams are popular all year round in Australia. Another confection that is widely used at Children's parties or as a topping for cakes or baked goods they have a a pretty look and a great once-you-start-you-can't-stop taste.

3. Freckles

Perhaps the most popular Allen's product amongst school aged children and under, Allens Freckles are those delicious and iconic chocolate discs that are covered in hundreds and thousands. Especially popular for children's parties or as finishing touches on cup cakes, Allens Freckles have also recently become much in demand for Wedding Confectionery as either bombonieres or in lolly buffets.

2. Jaffas

Introduced into Australia and New Zealand in 1931 by James Stedman-Henderson's Sweets Ltd, Allen's Jaffas are perhaps the closest thing Australia has to confectionery royalty. The actual orange coating used in Allen's Jaffas was developed by a food chemist, Tom Colston Coggan, who experimented with a number of different syrups before settling on its famous, much loved, signature flavour. Not only is the taste great but the memories they derive are etched into Australian folklore. Ask any Aussie over the age of 40 to recall their experiences of Allen's Jaffas as a child and it is bizarre how many will wax lyrical about the sound they made at the cinema, after they were accidentally 'dropped' or 'thrown', as they rolled down the sloping wooden floorboards.

1. Chicos

The runaway winner in a recent Facebook poll I ran to find Australia's favourite Allen's Lolly, Allen's Chico babies are a gelatinous style of confectionery that is essentially the same as Jelly Babies, but for the fact they are dark brown and caramel flavoured. An extremely morish product it is virtually impossible to not eat an entire packet once you open them. The word 'Chicos' in Spanish translates to the English word 'kids'. But it is not just kids who love them. It is virtually everyone.

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