Ten Top Themes for a Wedding Lolly Buffet

Published: 06th February 2012
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An increasing trend for modern brides and grooms, Lolly Buffets can fulfill an important role on your special day, serving not only as the dessert course but also as a visually stunning centrepiece that will impress even the most miserable of guests.

Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and tastes, the best thing about Lolly Buffets is that they are completely adaptable. They can be designed to suit any budget, style of wedding or flavour preference and can also be made up entirely by you. Infact with so many confectionery products on the market today the hardest thing is choosing which ones you want!

Initially the process of selecting confectionery for your wedding can be a little daunting. So it is always best to settle on your theme first. To help you, below is a list of ten top themes for a lolly buffet, based on customer orders and conversations with brides and grooms over the five years we have been supplying them.

10. Animals

Admittedly we have only ever done one animal themed wedding lolly buffet but it made such an impression on me that I just had to include it. The bride and groom were both vets and chose a variety of animal lollies including snakes, fish, crocodiles, cats, witchetty grubs and frogs. Not only did they look great but they were much appreciated as an in-joke by the guests.

9. International

Again only one couple has done this but I thought it was a really good idea. As they had guests attending from a dozen countries around the world they decided to pick one confection to represent each of them and make their guests feel at home.

8. Gummy Delight

As lollies go the gummy variety is perhaps the most popular type of lolly in Australia. For their weddings a number of brides and grooms pick a selection of different flavours of them. The theory being that gummy lollies are less messy but more flavoursome to eat than most of types of lollies. Their colourful look is also quite appealing.

7. Retro

Very popular amongst older couples, a retro lolly buffet includes lollies that were popular when they were young. Typically these include lollies like Milkos, Musk Sticks, Sherbet Bombs, Cobbers and Jaffas. The sight of which sends your guests on an instant trip down memory lane.

6. Hearts

Immersing themselves in the romance of the day a lot of couples choose a selection of heart shaped confections. There are plenty to choose from out there including Conversation Hearts, Heart Lollipops, Foiled Chocolate Hearts and Heart Shaped Belgian Chocolates. Presented together on the table they really set the mood well.

5. Chocolate Indulgence

A real chocoholics dream and a tried and tested way of pleasing your guests. There are plenty of brides and grooms with sweet tooths who choose a variety of different chocolates for their lolly buffets.

4. Rainbow

I am told that this is a popular choice of lolly buffet for same sex couples in the USA (the rainbow is the universal symbol of a gay friendly pub) but in Australia it is also popular amongst couples who want a bright centrepiece for the wedding. The combined visual effect of lots of different colours is quite magnificent and is guaranteed to make your guests say ‘wow!’.

3. Belgian Chocolate

A step up from the Chocolate Indulgence theme, a buffet full of different Belgian Chocolates provides an extra touch of class to any wedding.

2. Brand Showcase

It is almost as if they are deliberately showcasing the entire range of a particular brand, yet it is amazing how many clients choose to order a selection of products from the same manufacturer. Lindt Chocolate, Ernest Hillier or Jelly Bellys are the most popular choices, all of which convey the impressive spectacle of a shop window display when arranged together.

1. Specific Colour

By far and away the most popular theme of wedding lolly buffet, most brides and grooms have a specific colour scheme they want to replicate. The good thing is with so many different types of confectionery out there it is easily done. The end result looks stunning as it is always in keeping with the overall theme.

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